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We're based and established in the Mornington Peninsula region and we support nearby regions including Berwick, Pakenham, Sorrento, Dromana and Rosebud.

Peninsula Pest Management offers QA programs to industrial & business premises to support them in maintaining a clean and pest free environment.

Our termite and pest inspectors will inspect your home, office or business for FREE to evaluate for potential damage brought on by termites or pests.

Our team of professionals maintain your property to control and eliminate the common pest for Residential and Commercial Real Estate.



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This is a process whereby a homeowner orders a termite inspection to asses current home conditions for termite damage and repair when needed.

Bed Bugs are up 500 percent over recent decades according to Dr OZ and other resources say increase for potential infestation is actual.

Do Termites Invade Your Own HomeSubterranean termites are the most destructive pests in Australia. Most species run in the central colony that is usually beneath the surface of the soil. In their quest for food, termites will often build galleries out of the ground, over ant cappings and along plumbing. On occasion the galleries are even free standing to attain above ground food sources.



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From a hidden underground nest, a million termites could be secretly eating the insides of your home, leaving you with an empty shell. The simple fact is that many houses are hard to inspect. To inspect for timber pests, fantastic access to each of timbers is needed. Since this is rarely available, you need a professional.

Bug Busters report format has been approved by a panel of specialist pest control experts and technicians that are certified to carry out reports on the Australian Standards. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that all relevant aspects of the house are being reported on by a skilled professional, together with pertinent information being provided.Everyone has heard horror see page stories of homes falling down from damage caused by timber pests.

Termites, borers and wood rot fungi can seriously damage a home. We've seen some fixes require around $100,000 in expenditure. Accordingly, a thorough inspection and a detailed report by a professional makes a lot of sense.Biology of those TermiteTermites have quite thin cuticles and are, therefore, vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

The relative humidity in a colony is approximately 100 percent .Termites will venture out of the nest and explore outside when the humidity is comparable to this within their workings. It is for this reason that termites will avoid coming into contact a fantastic read with the external environment, often concealing their action or building galleries to access food resources that would normally require them to show themselves.Termite CastesTermites exist in a colony in several forms or castes, each of which has specific structures and functions related to the survival and maintenance of the colony.The QueenThe main intention of the queen is to replicate in the first beginning of the colony.



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A few queens can live as long as 20 years and are fertilised at intervals by the king during this age. In some species of termites, the abdomen of the queen becomes distended because of a condition named Physogastry (swelling of the abdomen with eggs).When the queen becomes aged or dies, reproductives are chosen and these eventually become supplementary or neotenic reproductives.

The king is generally located in the chamber of this colony near the queen. He can be distinguished by smaller mandibles and a darker shading round the abdomen, thorax and head.The WorkersThe workers make up a significant portion of the colony and as many as millions of termite workers can be produced.

There are many duties that the workers are responsible for, which include; gathering food, feeding the young, repairing the harm, tending and feeding the royal couple. Employees are white in colouring which is mainly because of their thin cuticle.The SoldiersThe soldier termites are the protectors of the colony and they're identified by their bigger orange or brown heads.



Top Guidelines Of Termite Control Blog

Soldiers, likewise to the employee castes, are females and males that have not improved their sexual characteristics, and they're white due to their lack of cuticle. Soldiers are often seen in numerous quantities together with the employee castes.The Reproductives or AlatesThese are the castes with which have completely developed their sexual traits, the future kings and queens of another colony.

The alates can be identified by full wings that are longer than the body, in addition to darker colouration along the head, thorax and abdomen. Reproductives can be chosen to carry on the colony when the present queen or king is dying or degenerated, then they become neotechnics or substitute reproductives. The Nymphs. Not all colonies possess an true worker caste.

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